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About Wagner Tree


Wagner Tree Experts, Inc. is an Asheville tree service company with a mission to advancing the standard of tree care in the Western North Carolina region.  Caring for trees and the environment is our passion, and Wagner Tree Experts works with customers every step of the way to create harmony between the needs of our customers and their trees. 

From planting the right tree in the right place, promoting urban biodiversity, protecting trees during construction, to revitalizing our veteran trees, and saying good by to old friends.  Wagner Tree Experts puts work place safety and maximum quality of service at the forefront.  

 We Back Up Our Philosophies With Excellent Tree Care Services  

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Managing your trees is the best first step toward increasing the value of your home.  Not only do trees provide an aesthetic benefit to your property, but trees can provide shade and protection from the elements to your home, which can cut down on energy costs. 

Have a Certified Arborist tree care professional work on your trees.  Not all tree services are qualified to properly care for trees or assess your tree's safety.  Only hire I.S.A. Certified Arborists.  You can find Certified Arborists here:


Some Frequently Asked Questions From Customers; 


Why do you call yourselves Certified Arborists? 

  - Lots of companies consider themselves 'Arborists,' but calling yourself a 'Certified Arborist' is claiming to have the
experience and knowledge to pass the certification set up by the International Society of Arboriculture. ISA
Certification is not manditory, but it displays a dedication to learning and staying up to date on the best
possible practices and techniques to treat your trees.

Why are tree service's prices so different from one another?

  - I hear this a lot, and the number one reason is insurance.  North Carolina requires all tree services to carry
workers compensation insurance for their employees and liability insurance to protect your property.  Many tree
services do not insure their employees, which saves them boat loads of money, but the client may then be liable for
employee injuries. 

    When hiring a tree service, ask for proof of liability AND workers compensation insurance.

What is the best way for me to keep my tree healthy? 

  - Protect the roots.  Maintaining good air supply and soil moisture is the most important thing your tree needs. 
Mulch can help maintain good soil moisture and air supply, especially after aerating with an air tool.  Ask us
about providing a healthy mulch barrier for your tree.

I have a tree that keeps dropping limbs.  Is it going to die?

  - Many trees shed limbs are they are no longer needed, and the drought in the past years has made trees shed
branches in order to reduce the amount of water they require.  In most cases, your trees will be fine, but it is
important to remove the dead wood soon to eliminate the risk of the dead limbs falling on someone or something. 

How did you get all that brush out of my tree?  It hardly looks like you made any cuts. 

  - The first lesson my mother and father told me about pruning is that a good pruning should leave the tree
looking better than before, but in a way that makes everyone wonder what is different.  Proper pruning allows the
tree to decide its own natural structure.  Often, the best pruning jobs are the most subtle. 

I'm worried about these limbs over my house.  Could you cut them off for me? 

  - Sure, I could remove them for you, but if your only concern is the limbs falling, a better idea is to
selectively remove a bit of weight and leave the limb.  There are many reasons to do a 'tip weight reduction' as
opposed to removing whole limbs, and leaving strong limbs over your house is a lot like leaving a big catchers mitt
over your roof.  Often the low, horizontal limbs are the strongest in the tree, and if other limbs break in storms,
these low limbs can offer your home protection as well as shade.

Isn't tree work dangerous?

  - Like many things in life, there are hazards and risks.  We all do our best to avoid taking unreasonable risks
by identifying potential hazards and mitigating them.  Safety is our number one priority, and no tree is worth
putting a life on the line.  So, I assure you and any customer, any tree job we take on will always be performed
in the safest possible manner.