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Organic Fertilization

Here at Wagner Tree Experts, we strive to create solutions to tree care issues that not only solve the problems we face but also consider the long term goals, taking into account the final outcomes for your trees and our environment. 

That is why we began creating our ImmuniTree Compost Teas and naturally derived liquid fertilizers.  

Our Immunitree Tea as, as well as our other living fertilizers, inject life into the soil, jump starting the natural food web that keeps trees healthy in our forests but that is often lacking from our urban soils.  Watering and/or deep-root injecting our teas into the soil over the course of a year or two, changes the bio-dynamics of the soil making nutrients more available to trees and other plants.  Our expertise and understanding of soil science also allows us to tailor our living fertilizers to your yard, garden, and trees for optimum results. 

         Our goal with ImmuniTree Tea is to support healthy immune function in trees that are being affected by a pest or environmental condition.  Often, just like human medication, there are side-effects to the treatments often prescribed to trees.  Some trees become suseptible to other pests when treated for another due to the chemicals they are treated with.  That is why we strive to treat pest issues through careful treatment of the primary stress causing agents while also optimizing the overall health of our patient, Your Trees. 

   This is our 30 gallon brewer which we use for custom batches and individual trees.  We also use this brewer to extract natural growth hormones from specifically tailored composts of alfalfa and willow that boosts the immune response many trees inheritly have to most bugs and other pests.