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Tree Health Care

Plant Health Care and Pest Management Services are essential to home owners associations and homeowners with many young trees.  In addition to proper pruning, fertilization or growth regulators may be needed to affect the growth or resilience of young trees. 

    Trees develop strength in their limbs and branches as a response to movement and stress from wind and gravity.  Dynamic cabling systems allow movement in limbs while limiting excessive movement that may lead to failure of the limb.  This type of cabling system is ideal if you have trees where growth habit or large limbs that create an unacceptable level of risk to your home or property. 

        Weight reduction pruning is always a part of our cabling services to you.










             When trees exhibit severe structural defects or wounds, dynamic cabling systems may not be adequate.  In the situations where constant support is needed, Steel Cables are recommended.


 Compost teas and mycorizea may give a helpful boost to the health of your old mature trees when combined with air spade treatment for soil compaction relief.  


Air spade services are also very helpful in order to Prune Stem Girdling Roots or Inspect the Root Collar to determine the Extent of Decay before deciding whether or not a tree needs to be removed. 




Specific application of pesticide or fungicide is also available to treat pests and diseases such as;

    Hemlock Wooly Adelgid

    Bag worms on Leyland cypress

    Birch, Oak, and Maple boring beatles, pine ips, and other boring pests

    Mites and Scale on hemlock, Spruce, and other trees less than 60' tall.

    Leaf Curling Insects

    Oak Wilt


    Sycamore Anthracnose

And More...








  Occationally, nutrient deficiencies  do occur in soils where major  grading has been done before  planting.  We can do soil and plant  tissue nutrient analysis to check for  specific mineral dificiencies.  Quite  often in urban environnents, soils  lack biological activity.  Here is  Western North Carolina, we have  rich native soil, however,  construction often removes the humus and top soil to stabilize new home foundations.  These soils benefit greatly from addition of organic compost fertilizers and compost teas.