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Tree Pruning


  Pruning your trees reglarly to remove dead, diseased, broken, or crossing/ redundant branches is the easiest way to keep your trees structure above ground healthy, strong, and pest free.  However, some situations require special types of pruning to acheive a particular objective.  We here at Wagner Tree specialize in tailoring our pruning to the needs of you, your trees, and your property. Here are some examples of our work.













Crown Cleaning and Weight Reduction   to remove dead branches, branches likely to break, and to reduce weight over the roof of this house and reality office.  We needed to close a portion of Chestnut St. at Broadway Ave. in Asheville for this job.  Wagner Tree has the equipment needed to take care of work in any traffic situation. 



  Clearance Pruning for Buildings to remove limbs that encroach on the physical building should be pruned to prevent contact with your home, which can lead to damage to your siding and/ or roof. 








     Vista Pruning is the best way to improve your mountain view without unnaturally altering the appearance of your trees.  We do not top your trees to open up your view, we open view windows by selecting only the branches your trees can afford to lose.

After                                                                                                           Before











Restoration Pruning    

        Often trees are damaged by drought, ice or wind storms, or topping.  Topping is often the most difficult to correct.  Below are situations where Wagner Tree was able to prune to correct and/or compensate for damages done to the trees.


Dought restoration - these white oak (quercus alba) trees were suffering from fine absorbtive root loss due to the lack of rain and competition from the English Ivy ground cover.  After pruning, heavy watering weekly and Tree Growth Regulator (TGR) can be used to stimulate restorative root growth.  


After tip deadwood removal pruning

No spikes were used! 


Topping Restoration pruning  - 



Commercial Maintenance Pruning   -   We have the expertise and equipment needed to properly maintain trees around entrances, street lights, and the front of your business.  An understanding of the effects of pruning on growth of trees allows us to affect a tree's growth direction without affecting the appearance.