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Tree Removal

  Removal of trees is often necessary when new construction is planned, tree diseases are left untreated, or when trees are damaged or compromised making them too high a risk to leave in the urban environment. 

           This southern red oak tree contained a huge cavity making it unsafe to leave high above Black Mountain Prespeterian Church.  We removed the tree leaving no trace of our presence but a low stump high on the bank.










This Sycamore (Platanus  occidentalis) was irreversably affected by Sycamore Anthracnose, a fungal wilt disease.  Removal using a crane was necessary to limit the impact to surrounding areas.

Sadly, trees may need to come down for many reason. 


Have them safely removed by qualifies arborists who have the equipment and knowledge to get the job done properly. 

Yes, We Do BIG TREES Too!