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Wood Salvaging and Urban Lumber

Ever wonder what happens to all the wood from tree service job sites? 

Wagner Tree Experts salvages all the wood waste from its job sites. 



Obviously, firewood is a great way to turn wood waste into heat energy, thus reducing Western North Carolina's dependance on electricity and fossil fuels.  Granted, the carbon dioxide is being released back into the atmosphere, but wood smoke has many bennefits over the Skyland Power Plant's coal smoke, which used to heat many homes in the Asheville area. 

Contact Wagner Tree Experts if you are interested in purchasing 1/2, 3/4, or full cords of split seasoned hardwoods. 


 Impressive Urban Timber is another great by-product of our tree service.  


  According to Jim Urban's book, Salvaging Urban Timber, potentially 20-30% of the marketable timber in this country could be sourced from urban waste wood.  We at Wagner Tree Experts, are trying our best to remove trees from yards in a way that preserves their timber value, and using versatile milling techniques such as an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill, we mill our urban sourced trees into valuable slabs for use by wood workers, contractors, and homeowners in the Asheville Area. 

Call Us for an update on our inventory, and feel free to browse our selection on our facebook album!!         


Our Friends Bill Metes and Ryan Edwards Sawmill much of our salvaged logs.


We have been milling quite a lot more recently with the 

addition of Bill and Ryan's Mill.